Brewer's Friend – Homebrew Recipe Builder & Calc. App recensioner

Great App for smart phone- internet connection, but works well internet-free

A great handy App for Brewers, both for composing recipes to a BJCP STYLE and to have at hand on brew day. I learned about it from Brewer’s Friend Free, and it’s well worth the $5.00 USD.

Ipad Support

So far my only dislike is no Ipad support and no landscape support.

Not worth the money

Since all the calculators are available for free on the website, it’s incredible that they would only include a tiny selection here. Furthermore, it looks like it was designed in the ‘90s and still doesn’t support the iPhone X screen layout. I do like the ability to save your recipes and notes. It’s pretty clear this was designed as a quick project, but has not had the design input or even just the dedication that the website has. And that’s pretty poor, considering the website is free. My recommendation: use this to save recipes. But just pull up the website on your phone and ignore the app calculators. What a shame, this had the potential to be great.

Great for recipes!

And that is what I use it for. When I purchased I had a degree of trust for the product based off of the BF website. I was slightly. disappointed it doesn't contain the full range of brew tools found on the website, especially water calculations. However as I wanted it for an on the go/convenient non-internet reliant recipe creator that I knew would be reliable and accurate, I'm pleased. It works great and is easy to navigate, fairly intuitive navigation. I've used seemingly all the free online recipators and this app is worth the $5 to have on the phone, good value!

Continues to improve

Still a few options I’d like to see, but nothing that’s a deal breaker.

Very limited

I didn’t realize it would be so limited compared to website. It doesn’t even do water volumes!! How can you use it without water volumes? Also no yeast pitch, equipment profiles, etc. etc.

Needs an update

Nice to have recipes on the go, but the calculations are different from web to app which is extremely confusing.

Lost 2 years worth of recipes

The app itself is great. Calculations are very useful and quite accurate. I have been using the app to create recipes for years. I have been a paid “Premium” member this whole time. For some reason, my prior 2+ year’s worth of recipes showed “sync’ed” to the cloud (or wherever it is supposed to go). I had to wipe my iPhone 7+ due to the whole iOS battery scandal (another sore subject-GRRR). Once I re-installed the Brewer’s Friend app, and logged into my paid account, none of the recipes I had created on my phone (and had believed to have synced) prior to 2015 were actually stored. I have since tried to sync newly created recipes and have synced. All the syncing does is create a duplicate recipe on the app. For some reason it won’t show up on the website version of my account when viewing on a desktop computer. Stay away from this app if you are at all concerned about keeping your recipes!!

Great, now just a few more features!

I rely on this app every time I do a brew day. Incredibly handy to make modifications at my LHBS as I change my mind or based on the availability of ingredients. A couple things I wish would be updated: 1) The text fields scroll out of view when the keyboard pops up and it can be difficult to work with. 2) I wish I could turn on auto-syncing. I can’t tell you the number of times I made an update only to overwrite it later by accident from the web UI. 3) ingredient search.

Great tool

Easy to use. The perfect tool to start building your own homebrew recipes. The calculators and brew day interactive feature are big helps, too.


App is a good tool. The calculators are handy and I can do with out being able to sync (You need a premium subscription for that) . I would like to see an update that includes a recipe card that would put the whole recipe on one page and a display diastatic power like on the website.

Best Brewing App

I always use this brewing app, and I love it. The calculators are helpful. The recipes and checklist are easy to follow on brew day. The records are easy to reference for future batches. Great results! Highly recommended!

It helps me with everything

From IPA's to Kolchs. I like it.

Ok companion to the website

Its nice having a native iPhone app to easily view recipes and calculators from the website. However, the UI feels dated and could use an update. I also think that it should be free to try and use without the website. Syncing with the website could easily be an in-app purchase.

Morons hate.

This app and its web site counterpart are one of the most up to date brewers apps. If it doesn't work for you, you shouldn't be make my beer it is that simple. Great app much respect to the design team.

Brewer friend.

It is a great app. Great to save recipes and brew sessions. I use it all the time on my phone. I also have it on my laptop.

Don't bother, if you aren't a premium user

Wish I had known I had to have a premium account to sync with the app. I don't mind paying money for an app I'll use. I also wish I could get my money back.


Does less than half of what you can do through the Brewer's Friend site. Desperately needs updating

Excellent app -

I've used this app for a number of years. Calculators are extremely helpful and I can use it on multiple platforms, from my phone to iPad and desktop.

Worth It

Well worth it if you're not looking to sync with the web version. Build recipes and keep some notes - easy enough.

Not enough to pay for this app

So, it is not enough that you pay $5 for this app. Still can't load in recipes from web site unless you also pay $15 there as well. Lame. Delete. Wish I could request my money back.

Great app

Had the free version but wanted to support the creators so shelled out for it. Awesome app, has improved my brewing and helped dial in my system.

Great streamlined brewing app

Does exactly what I want for the price. Not as capable as the website but I don't want something that complex. I want a streamlined brewing app that I can iterate recipes in and Brewer's Friend does exactly that.

Satisfied Customer

I've been brewing successfully for over four decades and have used various methods to formulate recipes and track results. This app has been my best brewing friend ever. My results are 100% satisfactory and I've learned a lot.

Great brewing software

It would be great to be able to merge the online UI with this product or to be able to move over the recipes I have in the free version (which I've had to keep on my phone...) but it basically does the job with good calculators and a broad database of malts, hops, and yeasts.

Helpful tool

This app is useful for working on recipes when inspiration strikes and is very helpful on brew day.

$5 well spent

This app is quite helpful when making recipes. It calculates ABV, IBU, OG target FG. Also helps you know if your recipe is true to the style you're aiming for.

So close and yet so far.

I love the Brewer's Friend website, and use it for all my recipe creation, inventory management, and brew sessions. Unfortunately the app falls far short of the standard set by the website. The absence of inventory & shopping functions is especially galling since the store is one of the places you're most likely to have your phone rather than laptop. The inability to sort brew sessions (or hide completed ones) is a pain, as is the inclusion of every single snapshot in the recipe list (especially since they're not differentiated in any way). With a few tweaks, this could be a real help; as it is it's only marginally useful.

Awesome app

I've been brewing for a few years started with extract....bottles now with all grain and kegs this app will teach u how to brew better beer if u are like me I love and only brew session IPA and the hopping category is geared for hoppy Brewers I always formulate recipes with this app since its on my phone and not the pc It's real time data in my fingertips on brew day

Great brewing app, handy

Great little app for your phone to have on brew day.


SG calcs are pretty good. I love the ability to calc IBU for your recipe. And it will tell you how close your recipe specs match against styles along with estimated alcohol levels. The cost is negligible compared to brewing a 5 gal batch of beer.

Weak UI; cost is BS

The fact that this won't sync unless you shell out an additional $15 per year is a rip off. Additionally, the UI is at least 4 generations old. This is a glorified WebKit app for $5. It's not worth it, just use your free account and a laptop. I like the features of this app, but it shouldn't cost over $1.99. I would not have bought it had I known.

Excellent app ~ does what I need it to do.

Excellent app ~ does what I need it to do.

Excellent brewing app

This is my go to app for doing homebrew recipes and planning brew sessions. I recommend this app to all of my homebrewer friends. Highly recommended

Fantastic and Robust

A really great app that helps you to create your own great beer recipes and helps out on brew day keeping everything straight. Very intuitive design and easy to use. Only thing I wish it did was give you the options to print your recipe or post it online to a social media outlet. You can link to their website but their website is a paid user subscription based page.

Love it

Great app

A Waste w/o Premium Membership

The app seems flexible enough, but at $6 it should have more features without requiring an additional $15 *yearly* fee for the premium web version.

Badly needs updated

I am a premium member and heavy user of Brewers Friend, as other reviewers have also said. I have tried to leave feedback on the web page, but have not received a response. This app needs to be updated: - Beer styles need to be the same as the web page, which has been updated to conform to the 2015 Guidelines. At this point, new styles are mis-identified when recipes are synced to this app. - This app needs to allow users to sync to their inventory and shopping lists. - In my opinion, this app should include the yeast starter app, rather than having to purchase it separately.



Great App

Very well done

Great App

It's nice to have this in my phone when discussing my recipes with friends or knowing what I have going on with my brews and what stage they are in. Would be nice to have the shopping list on it.

No Inventory or Shopping List

I am a premium member and heavy user of Brewer’s Friend web site. The most disappointing thing about this app is the lack of the Shopping List and Inventory features available on the full web site. The whole point of a mobile app is for use when you’re away from a full computer, like when you’re shopping for your next brew session, when you need the shopping and inventory lists at hand. As it is now, I have to pull up the web site on my phone, obviating the need for a paid mobile app. Please add these features to make the mobile app worth the cost!

Great brewing software!

The best brewing software package I've used. Sync between web and app versions is seamless. Calculations are right on. Good note tracking features. Highly recommended!

Great purchase

For just a few dollars, you can have a great program that helps you to track and record your brews. While it is not the absolute end all be all, it is definitely a great start. After all, a little math has never hurt anyone (assuming you were born AFTER the enlightenment period). Cheers. 🍻

Leaves one wishing for more.

The features are well thought out but a $7 app should be more compatible to other available apps and have the ability to search recipes and sync data regardless of your membership level. Add that to the fact that you'll have to fork out another $3 for a yeast pitch rate and calculator app, you will likely lean towards an app like Beer Smith that offers more and then some.

Great BeerSmith Alternative

Does most BeerSmith functions

Great app but..

I use this app every brewday. I don't like the fact that I have to buy the premium version AND the desktop version to use all the features. I would rather pay a blended price for both. That said, the app is great and the support is even better.

Has all the tools I need

I particularly like Beer XML and capability to download recipes.

I use this app all the time.

Great app to have on your phone when brewing. Quick calculations for hydrometer temp, dilution, and abv. Great for coming up with new recipes when away from a computer.

Not Too easy to Edit

This application is pretty awckward to use. If i had of known... I would not habe purchased it.

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