Brewer's Friend – Homebrew Recipe Builder & Calc. App Reviews

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Fantastic and Robust

A really great app that helps you to create your own great beer recipes and helps out on brew day keeping everything straight. Very intuitive design and easy to use. Only thing I wish it did was give you the options to print your recipe or post it online to a social media outlet. You can link to their website but their website is a paid user subscription based page.

Excellent brewing app

This is my go to app for doing homebrew recipes and planning brew sessions. I recommend this app to all of my homebrewer friends. Highly recommended

Excellent app ~ does what I need it to do.

Excellent app ~ does what I need it to do.

Needs a beeper

The app is great but it needs to have alarm sounds for the timers.

Weak UI; cost is BS

The fact that this wont sync unless you shell out an additional $15 per year is a rip off. Additionally, the UI is at least 4 generations old. This is a glorified WebKit app for $5. Its not worth it, just use your free account and a laptop. I like the features of this app, but it shouldnt cost over $1.99. I would not have bought it had I known.


SG calcs are pretty good. I love the ability to calc IBU for your recipe. And it will tell you how close your recipe specs match against styles along with estimated alcohol levels. The cost is negligible compared to brewing a 5 gal batch of beer.

Great brewing app, handy

Great little app for your phone to have on brew day.

Awesome app

Ive been brewing for a few years started with extract....bottles now with all grain and kegs this app will teach u how to brew better beer if u are like me I love and only brew session IPA and the hopping category is geared for hoppy Brewers I always formulate recipes with this app since its on my phone and not the pc Its real time data in my fingertips on brew day

So close and yet so far.

I love the Brewers Friend website, and use it for all my recipe creation, inventory management, and brew sessions. Unfortunately the app falls far short of the standard set by the website. The absence of inventory & shopping functions is especially galling since the store is one of the places youre most likely to have your phone rather than laptop. The inability to sort brew sessions (or hide completed ones) is a pain, as is the inclusion of every single snapshot in the recipe list (especially since theyre not differentiated in any way). With a few tweaks, this could be a real help; as it is its only marginally useful.

$5 well spent

This app is quite helpful when making recipes. It calculates ABV, IBU, OG target FG. Also helps you know if your recipe is true to the style youre aiming for.

Helpful tool

This app is useful for working on recipes when inspiration strikes and is very helpful on brew day.

Great brewing software

It would be great to be able to merge the online UI with this product or to be able to move over the recipes I have in the free version (which Ive had to keep on my phone...) but it basically does the job with good calculators and a broad database of malts, hops, and yeasts.

Satisfied Customer

Ive been brewing successfully for over four decades and have used various methods to formulate recipes and track results. This app has been my best brewing friend ever. My results are 100% satisfactory and Ive learned a lot.

Good stuff!

I love this app. I became a premium member and I was mad for a minute because I thought the sync feature didnt work the way I thought it would. But it totally does work. If anyone else has had this issue: I think there is an oversight with the way I wanted to use the "pull down to sync" function. In order to sync a recipe that you have originated in the iPhone app, rather than on, you need to do so using the little cloud icon within the individual recipe. Pulling down on the recipe list screen in order to sync a new phone-originated recipe will not work. Pulling down WILL sync any changes in recipes that have ALREADY been synced, but unsynced phone-originated recipes wont sync. Hope thats clear! Anyway, great app!!


Does less than half of what you can do through the Brewers Friend site. Desperately needs updating

Great streamlined brewing app

Does exactly what I want for the price. Not as capable as the website but I dont want something that complex. I want a streamlined brewing app that I can iterate recipes in and Brewers Friend does exactly that.

Great app

Had the free version but wanted to support the creators so shelled out for it. Awesome app, has improved my brewing and helped dial in my system.

Not working on ios 8

Brew session not working on ios 8.

Rip off!!!

Paid for the app and have to pay for a subscription that is to gave them

Home brewer

Very handy to have on your phone to keep track of all the details of your brew and no more lost paper notes!

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